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I am so excited to release this blog post!! We have been working very hard on this one.
I organized a photo/model shoot at LOFT 310 to show off all the incredible photographic opportunities this space has to offer. Their brand new modern speakeasy “The Gatsby” is just incredible…I could have photographed all day in there! The Gatsby is a must go to place in downtown Kalamazoo, while we were finishing up the shoot they were just starting to serve dinner, and the food looked so good and smelled amazing.
We had to so much fun…here are some photos from the shoot.

The decor. in this space is so gorgeous.

I need to give a big shout out to Tracy of Park Place Design. I asked her to come and do a table setting for me. She did so much more than that. I just LOVED her style and ideas for this shoot. She is so creative and fun to work with. She is more than just a florist…she is an artist in her craft. Thank you Tracy!!

Another huge player in making this shoot go so well was Misty Blake of SYMMETRY HAIR DESIGN. She never disappoints me. Her makeup is always gorgeous and so well done. Thank you Misty….you are the best!

Our goal for the look of this shoot was elegance and mixing a modern venue with a touch of vintage. I loved it.

After we shot in LOFT 310 for a while, we heading over the The Gatsy, which give off a totally different look and feel, so we had our model change a couple of accessories and her bouquet and we were set!

The setting is The Gatsby allows us to get those really cool sexy shots. The lighting in this place is perfect for that kind of “vibe”. For you photographers out there, I brought my Alien Bee light and used that for these shots….actually most of them I was able to just use the model light on the Bee, and that was all I needed.