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Featuring Little Sprout Children’s Boutique in Kalamazoo, MI

{Supporting our local small business owners}

I am so excited to introduce to a wonderful small business owner.  She owns and operates the cutest store in  town called   Little Sprout Children’s Boutique. Her name is Jennifer Gorman.

We have the same passions as small business owners and wanting to reach out and serve our customers and provide not only the very best quality but also the best experience. I wanted to have my blog readers learn more about Jennifer and her business….so we are featuring her on our blog today. 

  • 3009 Oakwood Drive, Kalamazoo, 49008 Oakwood Plaza

  • We are a children’s boutique specializing in clothing, gifts, supplies, and toys for children ages 0-7.
  • I grew up in Texas. I am a veteran. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist by training. I am married and have three amazing girls!
  • Little Sprout has been open since 2010. I have owned it for two years.
  • Personally, I am working to become more active in helping those in my community who need my help. With my business, I am hoping to expand the scope of the store and bring in a wider variety of gifts and fun items. Also, I am hoping to expand the items I have which are locally, Michigan, and U.S.- made.
  • I talk to people- from the grandmothers who come in to shop for their first grandchild, to the working moms who want to support a local business, to my own daughters. I also love finding new and exciting trend on Etsy and Pinterest. I am very focused, however, on not bringing in items that are gimmicky. If it isn’t thoughtful, well-made, educational, or truly proven to be useful, I don’t want to bring it to my store.

  • I love talking to the customers who come in. People love to share stories and photos of their children, and I love to talk to them! Also, I occasionally get to snuggle with some of my tiniest customers while their moms shop!
  • I am VERY talented at sleeping.

  • It’s usually pretty easy to find some common ground with my customers. When people are talking about their children or grandchildren, they usually love to share and I love to hear their stories and share my own!
  • I would, in 10 years, like to look back and know that I have made a positive difference in someone’s life.

  • A chef or wine distributor
  • Snuggling with my tiniest customers!!

  • I love this community, and, though I’m not from here, consider this to be my true home. The sense of compassion and kindness I see every day from the people I meet is incredibly inspiring to me. I am truly thankful for this experience, and for my amazing customers!

If you are a local Kalamazoo small business and would like to be considered to be featured on our blog post, please contact the studio at [email protected]