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What a wonderful turnout we had for our first Mommy Photography Class. It was so exciting to moms come to this class eager to learn how to take better pictures of their beautiful children. I was honored to teach them the basics of a camera and how to “look” for a good image and make it happen. As moms, we have the responsibility to give our children the memories of their childhood through photographs. We need to remember that we as moms also need to be in those photographs! So moms…I encourage you to pass your camera off to someone and snuggle up your kids and get in those memories (photographs) as well. We all know that our memories fade fast, twenty years from now we want our kids to look back and see photos of their family…that includes YOU!

In the afternoon, we stepped it up a level and taught a beginner SLR camera/photography class. The purpose of the class was to teach our 10 students to “get out of the auto mode”. They were so fun to work with and very quick learners!! It was a wonderful day of teaching…looking forward to it again next year!