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Kalamazoo Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Photographing a mother to be is always a great honor. This mother waited a long time to have this sweet baby boy in her arms. When she asked me to be her maternity and newborn photographer….I was so happy! When she arrived to her maternity photography session with her gorgeous red dress and head piece, I knew this session would be amazing…and it was.

This pink maternity gown is ours here at Gregersen Photography Studio for our mothers to use. It is so beautiful and I love to share it with all the moms that come in to the studio for their special maternity photography sessions here in Kalamazoo. If the weather allows I love to do a little instudio photography and then have mothers change into another gown of their choice for outside photographs.

It was chilly outside, but we made the most of the Fall color that was left on the trees and it coordinated so well with her stunning red dress.

There is nothing more beautiful than a women growing a sweet baby. It truly is a miracle and one I love to photograph as much as I can.

Here he is!! This sweet little nugget came to our photography studio and I was smitten with him immediately. Oh what a beautiful newborn baby boy she has made! He is already so loved and adored!

He was just under a week old for his newborn photography session with me. His parents said he probably won’t sleep…but he proved them wrong as all babies do to parents. 😉 He was such a sweet sleepy little guy for his newborn photography session. We always recommend that parents bring in their sweet newborns when they are 14 days or younger since they are so fresh, curly, flexible and sleepy!

It’s just way to much fun to dress up little newborns and create gorgeous photographs of them like this! Our studio is well equipped with all the props, wraps, and accessories to create beautiful newborn photographs.

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