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So happy to have Leigh “on board” at Gregersen Photography. She has shown me over and over how passionate she is about photographic art and families. She helps inspire me to be more creative, I love the energy she brings to the studio each day!

This coming weekend Leigh and I will be heading to Atlanta, GA for a huge photography convention. We are so excited to go and learn more about the industry that we love. We have lots of goals and aspirations for this coming year and we know that this convention will help get on this wonderful journey!!


Here are a few words from Leigh and some photographs from the family session I did for her and her family this Fall…

I have been working with Melissa for almost a year. With my youngest just turning five I have enjoyed going back to work and spending my time with grown ups. I have to admit family sessions are my favorite and I know the most cherished session for moms. When I have a viewing appointment with a mom and I see tears rolling down her cheeks I know Melissa has given her the most amazing gift and it makes me so happy to be apart of the making memories experience. To see all of your handy work pulled into a couple shots is absolutely priceless. Even the outtakes are fun. Family photography is so important to preserve memories and be able to show off your biggest accomplishments…your kids! Of course a mom can take some shots however professional photography cannot be duplicated. For one, mom is rarely in the pictures and two it gives you an actual date and time to gather all of your family together like a family dinner. I have a senior and wasn’t sure if I could have gotten him home to do this session next year. I am so very grateful God has blessed me with my family and the time we have together. All of my time the good, the bad and the crazy.