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My friend Leigh is the owner of MAMAKAZOO. She does amazing things and offers great resources to new moms focusing on all natural and organics means. I plan to have her featured on my blog in the near future so we can learn more about her amazing business, and opportunities to help new moms.

Leigh will be at the Kalamazoo Baby Expo. at the Radisson in downtown Kalamazoo on Feb. 6th. This is a great expo. and I highly recommend parents and kids to go to it. There are so many wonderful vendors there dedicated to working with families in our area. Leigh is featuring my photography and we will be working together in the future to provide pregnant moms, and moms with babies some great photography options. This is such a special time in a mom’s life to give life…and we want to offer beautiful photography as a way to celebrate these moments, and cherish them.

Sadly, I personally am unable to go this year due to another photography obligation that day. However, ┬ástop by MamaKazoo’s booth because she is handing out some great items, including coupons for a photography session through Gregersen Photography.

So make it a fun Sunday afternoon on the 6th of Feb. and head downtown to the Expo. Go see all the great small businesses that make our families stronger and our local community closer. I know you will enjoy it.