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As I have said in my previous blogs, I moved to Kalamazoo about 11 years ago to take a job at Borgess Hospital doing Physical Therapy. When I first started there “way back then”….I met Julie. She was just starting her career in Physical Therapy as well….and she was preparing for her wedding. I remember after she got married looking through her photos and I was so happy for her. She married a great guy who later became my clinical manager at Borgess Health and Fitness Center….his name was Brad. I have so many fun memories of that guy!! Brad, sadly, was killed in a car accident a few years ago. All of our hearts were broken to hear we lost him, and I have thought and prayed for Julie and her sweet kids these last few years as I have memories of Brad pop into my head.
Earlier this Summer….I got a call from Julie. She met someone, and she was getting married. I was so surprised and so happy for her. She asked me to photograph her wedding. I was so disappointed that I was already booked for her wedding date, so I had my trusty assistant take my place. Dani said it was the most meaningful, emotional ceremony she has ever attended. How I wish I could have been there to witness it. After the wedding day, I was able to do a “new family” session with them and then some cute casual photos of the two of them. It melted my heart to see how happy Julie is with Jeff. I am thrilled she has found such a wonderful guy who adores her and her children, and I am so honored she came to me to photograph this amazing time her life….it was a true blessing for me.
Enjoy the photos….