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Gonna be honest, we do not photograph many guys at our studio….but I am sure glad Jeff from Gull Lake High School and his mom found me….they have been wonderful to work with! We took advantage of this nice weather the last few weeks and did some outdoor shots as well as in studio head shots. It felt so good to do an outdoor session. I love my new shooting space, but there is something about being outside and getting the creative juices flowing again. God’s creation is the best backdrop ever!!

For you photographers out there reading this blog….I used my 85mm 1.2 for this session. I just love this lens now. I have always used my 50mm…but this lens is so pretty!!! It gives me that compression I love from my 70-200mm but without the bulk and weight. Its so sharp and so pretty….even for a guy senior session! 🙂 I highly recommend this lens, but save your pennies….ok save your dollars…..this puppy is not cheap!