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Ok…I will admit I am not the best mommy when it comes to posting photos of Noelle compared to when I was pregnant with Norah. However, I was not in the midst of a busy wedding season when I was pregnant with Norah either. So better late than never right?? =)
These 3D photos were taken of Noelle when I was 18 weeks pregnant with her, I am now at 26 weeks. I have another ultrasound scheduled for 29 weeks, though I doubt I will be given a 3D photo again. I am really looking forward to seeing my little girl one more time before she is born. Please excuse the lack of quality as these are scanned images. Our favorite image is the last one where she has her arms up over her head. Active little girl we have…..believe me, I know!
Noelle Marie is due around Thanksgiving time. We are so excited…she has one big sister who talks about her all the time and kisses my belly. In three months, Noelle will be here. I have so much to do before then, like four more weddings, moving and settling into our new house in September, finding and organizing all the baby stuff and then figuring out what all I need. I feel really unprepared this time around, so I hope she doesn’t surprise us with too early of a visit, because I need time!! =)
Enjoy the photos….we love looking at them.