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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I get to cook the turkey. I am 31 years old, and this is my first time doing Thanksgiving diner all by myself. I have my dad, brother and my husband to feed. I am guessing I will be doing most of the prep work. We are eating dinner after the Lions game….hopefully they will still have an appetite! =)

I have so much to be grateful for this year. As I look back on this year, so many blessing come to mind that God has given me and my family. He has also given us some good learning lessons, and I am thankful for those too. A few things that come to mind to be thankful for this year are:

1. Jayme getting a full time job. He had not had a permanent job since May of 2008! Talk about living on faith!! =) We are so thankful for this job…when you do not have benefits….you quickly become grateful for them when you are offered them again. It feels so good to know that we have steady insurance coverage again.

2. My studio. We opened my studio in downtown Kalamazoo on complete faith (remember jayme did not have a permanent job at the time). God has richly blessed this studio for me! I am blown away at how my business as grown. I love that I can have a place to go work my dream job outside of my home. Now…our home is our “home” again…not our “home OFFICE”.

3. My grandma Opal. Oh how I miss my sweet Grandma, however I am so THANKFUL to know that she is Heaven with our God and Savior. She is living the dream I dream everyday….to see Jesus face to face. We miss her, and when I think of her….I remember that I need to carry on her legacy of love and commitment to family and God each day.

4. My husband, Jayme and our Norah. They have been my biggest cheerleaders this year for my business. Everytime Norah walks in my studio she says with her cute little voice. “Mommy, its so beautiful, oh its so cute!” MELT MY HEART. And for Jayme, I could not do this without him. He is so laid back and easy going, and willing to watch Norah ALL the time, and not have dinner on the table MOST of the time so I can keep pursuing my dreams. He is the best…period.

5. God. My Savior, my Creator, sustainer, provider, and most of all my salvation. I am nothing without Him. I know He can give and He can take away. All that we have been blessed with this year is from Him. Thank you Lord for the blessings and the trials. It makes us see we are completely dependent on you, and though that is not always what we like to do, it is exactly where we need to be.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from the Gregersen Family. =)