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Yesterday was my birthday, I will say it…I am 31 years old. I had a great 30th year of my life. We had many challenges as a family, and many new growths. I am a stronger woman because of my 30th year of life. I thank God for all He has blessed me with and all He has challenged me with, He knows me so well. =)
I spent the day working on my studio….painting a crazy pink color on one of my walls…as I was painting it, I panicked a little…because its a pretty wild color…but I am starting to really like it now. It is totally the look I am going for in that room. Fun, modern and funky! As I was working yesterday…I thanked God over and over for this amazing oppurtunity to fulfill this dream of mine. A dream I didn’t even know was in me until four years ago….and look at where I am now. So so so amazing.
We hope to open the studio for business on June 1st, with some “test runs” the last week of May. So yesterday, my birthday was a good day. Lots of hard work, and lots of progress made towards my dream coming true of having my own photography studio. I truly love my life, and my new career. Life is good….can’t wait to see what year number 31 holds for me.