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Nine years ago, I married a kind man. I fell in love with his quiet, honest and KIND personality. He has not changed at all. He still has all those wonderful qualities. I thank God everyday for giving me a man who not only loves me, but takes care of me, and works so hard to support our family.

We hope to go somewhere fun next year for our big 10 years anniversary. I am trying to talk him into taking me to Hawaii. =) Honestly, we could spend a weekend in South Haven or have a family night at home, and I would be happy and content. I am so in love with my husband, the daughters we have been given, and the life God has blessed us with.

Many of you know, the reason I got into this whole photography “world” is because I did not like my wedding photos. This one photo is the only one I have out in our home, I just don’t like our photos…however, I will say that my bad wedding photos opened up a whole new world for me…the world of photography. And the man in this photo below has been my biggest cheerleader, he is always willing to watch the girls so I can go and do a shoot. He is my “behind the scenes” supporter….and I honestly could not have done it…and still could not do it without him. It’s my business….but he is the foundation. I am so blessed to have him.

So Happy Anniversary Jayme. Thank you for loving me the way you do….the way God knew I needed to be loved. I love you.