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I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July with your family and friends yesterday. We spent the day filling up our new pool…nothing fancy…but it will keep us cool during these crazy HOT days. It was a lovely day doing some shopping with my sister who recently moved back to Michigan (its so nice to have her close by again after seven years) and then just playing with the girls. Good day as we enjoyed our freedom in this wonderful country with my favorite people. I will look back at the 4th of July and smile….it was nice and comfortable day at home as a family….perfect.


The new hangout at the Gregersens.



We decided to go swimming in it as it filled. The girls loved wading in the shallow water….little does Noelle that will change by tomorrow.


Big day for Norah….on 4th of July, she officially has her first loose tooth!!


Noelle will throw me a “CHEESE” smile every once in a while….I was lucky to get it, and love it!!


HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!