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Spring is suppose to be here in Michigan….but it is painfully slow and inconsistent. I spent my day indoors working at the studio and stepped outside about 4pm and was blasted with cold, wet air! Such a disappointment! I am hopeful though…summer is coming, we get a warm day here and there that reminds me….its coming. One beautiful day was Easter Sunday this past weekend. I took my girls outside to get a quick photo. Its tricky to say the least to get a four year old to hold a four month old and then try to it “safe” and “happy:….let alone get a good photo. =) I was able to snag one before things took a turn for the worse.

This is our first Easter in our new home in Plainwell, MI. We love our new house and have been working hard on making it our “home”.

My sweet girls are growing up too fast..I can’t wait to spend this summer with them. Life is good. Go enjoy your sweet families…time is so fleeting. I am now off to hug mine one more time.