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I preach all the time to make sure you document your family often. I suggest at least once a year. My family tries to do Family photos in the Summer and also in the Fall….and of course just snapshots all year round. These photographs will be treasured someday by my children and grandchildren. I do not want my family to wonder who I was 50 years from now…I want them to see that I loved my family dearly, and I want them to see that through gorgeous photography!

I was reminded again of the importance of family photography this past week when I heard that a fellow photographer lost her battle with cancer. I was following her battle with cancer, and she displayed it with such courage and honestly. Here is a link of a video she had created that is so beautiful and so raw and honest….I tear up every time I see it.

Here is my family…my sweet adorable, slightly annoying at times, crazy busy, LOVED and of course documented family.