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A few weeks ago, my lovely sister was here visiting me from North Carolina. She is such a pretty girl…and really knows how to work a camera. So I planned to do a little photoshoot with her. As I started thinking and talking about it….I realized we could have some fun with this. I mentioned it to my friend Misty Blake and she offered to do hair and makeup, and my goodness does that girl know how to come through and give me some amazing looks to photograph. I just loved her vision on this shoot. My assistant, Dani, and I had a blast photographing Marie and Nicole. Marie is the cute little redhead…and Nicole is my “go to” girl when I need a gorgeous model. =)
Enjoy the photos….we sure have enjoyed looking at them. I just love taking an evening and shooting just for me and letting my creative energy flow with no pressure or time constraints. It really does the creative soul some good!

Here are our gorgeous models….

My sister working the camera….

I love this photo of Nicole….she looks so happy and content.


I also love it in black and white…..


People say we look alike….ahhh….I don’t think so but if its true, I will take it….Marie you are stunning!

This girl oozes style and confidence….


They may be beautiful….but they are also as goofy as they come….and that is why I love them both. Thank you girls for all the fun.