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A couple blog postings ago, I wrote about how we all love our dogs, and how much my sister  (Marie) and I are animal lovers. Me…I prefer cats. My sister..anything with fur and legs….she loves and begs her husband to bring it home with them. The girl has always had tons of pets. Well…they lost their beloved dog tonight. So incredibly sad. He was hit by a car…and needed to be put down. They are just heartbroken! A couple months ago she lost one of her kitty cats too….got stepped on by one of their horses. I know this is kind of the life you live out in the country with lots of pets…but you have to know my sister. Her facebook profile page is usually a photo of one of her beloved animals. So my hearts aches for them tonight as the mourn the loss of Charlie….I called him “Chuck”….just because he looked like a Chuck to me.

Here is a photo of Charlie…rest in peace ole friend.