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WELCOME BACK for part 2…..if you missed part 1 just click here and you can get caught up.

So we already talked about goals and setting them….and whats the difference between a long term goal and a short term goal. Let’s move on to a couple other tips to keep in mind!

  1. Make sure you are using your time wisely to reach your specific goals. You have to be specific. I have such a short term attention span these days….so many things distract me in life. So I need to set aside on my calendar specific time to work on my goals. Even just one hour of a day with no distractions helps. If I can focus on progressing myself to meet that one short term goal in one hour….I find I am always energized and ready to try harder.
  2. Write down those ideas!! This goes with #2 and the distractions. I find new ideas pop into my head or I see something and an idea pops in my head on how I can implement that into my business. I have so many wonderful ideas “on the shelf” (or sadly just forget)  because I just can not devote the time or energy to them. So I focus on certain big ones to cross off the list. What I do with those ideas that I can not turn into goals yet is write them down….actually I put them in the notes on my phone. I reference that list often and I kind of amaze myself that I thought that thought!! 🙂 🙂 Seasons come and go and some ideas are perfect for that season and others need to be shelved until the time is ready. If you are trying to work on to many ideas….you will not do them well and then you will feel defeated or even fail. So take you time and prioritize the goals that need your attention now, and execute them one short term goal at a time.
  3. To stay motivated, you have to fill your brain with things that will make your brain think….and sadly that is not Netflix. I know….I wish it was too. So I subscribe to a couple of podcasts. One I love is the Business Boutique podcasts and this is geared to women wanting or already have started their own businesses. Sometimes the topic isn’t alway relevant to me personally, but I am always motivated when I hear other women’s stories and it gets my brain thinking! The other thing to do is read books that will stimulate ideas and keep you focused on your goals and business. Years ago I read Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership book….and it was just what I needed as I was making roots in my business and trying to get it to become a fairly well oiled machine. I liked this book because he didn’t over complicate it or use big words….and the advice was spot on!

Well I hope this little blog post and these tips were helpful. As little Dory says in “Finding Nemo”….just keep swimming!!! No one said it was easy, but lots of people have paved the way in front of us…..we just have to DO THE WORK ourselves.

So go out there and be a GOAL GETTER.

Until next time…