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Here is the fun giveaway I promised if my Facebook page hit the big 2,000 LIKE mark!! Thank you to all of you for being “fans”. So here are the “rules” for the giveaway….

First of all the PRIZE….its a super cute USB drive that looks like a little Canon camera. Its adorable folks (I have one for myself already…and had to share the other one I received because I love it so much!!)

1. The winner will be chosen from the names listed BELOW this post in the comment section….THIS IS IMPORTANT because you MUST leave your name and email address and just a nice comment or saying.

2. Please share the contest on your FB page to get the word out! We greatly appreciate that since we are a small photography studio and are always trying to find new ways to reach people.

3. The Winner will be announced on Feb. 26th. They will be contacted by email and it will be announced on the GREGERSEN PHOTOGRAPHY business Facebook page as well.

4. If we hit 2,200 LIKES by the 26th….we will give away ANOTHER special prize as well….so spread the love and the word! Don’t forget to qualify, you have to leave a comment on this post at the bottom in the comment section. If you don’t include your name and email address then we won’t know how to contact you if you win!

5. Again, thank you and have fun and GOOD LUCK!!

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