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I met Nikki of Travel with Nikki last year at a Women Networking Group….and she reminded me that we kind of worked together at Borgess. I was on my way out as I was moving on with my photography career and she was just starting at Borgess. It’s so fun to reconnect and see where we have grown and changed and now are girl bosses doing what we love!! So enjoy learning more about Nikki…she is very passionate about what she does and how she serves people!

We have a question/answer format below….enjoy learning more about Travel with Nikki!

      So…What is travel with Nikki?

  • Travel with Nikki is a full-service travel agency focused on providing the best experiences for our traveling clients. I work with travelers to make sure they are visiting the best destinations to fulfill their travel dreams. My goal is to create trips of a lifetime that will leave travelers with lasting memories. My top three specialties would be Family Travel, Honeymoons and Destination Weddings. I have a network of destination specialists and contacts in destinations worldwide to make sure that my travelers never miss an item on their bucket list.
  • I have been to the Walt Disney World Resort over 35 times and just can’t get enough of the Magic that lives there. Even after all of my trips, I still experience something new everytime I travel.
  • I have been a travel consultant for over 8 years now. I have always loved to plan! After planning my wedding, there was a huge planning void in my life that I was able to fill by helping others plan fantastic vacations.

  • This year I am really looking forward to expanding my European River Cruise knowledge. I just love learning about all of the small towns and villages that this fantastic river ships visit. There is so much history, culture, and food on a river cruise as you are traveling on the first highways of civilization. From Chateaus and Vineyards to the music and art. I just can’t wait to take it all in!
  • To help find inspiration for my business I look to my travelers. I love to keep in touch with my current and past travelers to learn about the destinations and experiences that are being added to their travel bucket list daily. I also enjoy listening to various podcasts about cruise ships, exotic destinations, and even locations within the USA. Some of my favorites are Amature Traveler, This Week in Travel and HoneyTrek.

  • There are so many things I appreciate about my career. What I really enjoy is working with a family to help them realize that their travel dreams can become a reality. I also love following up with travelers once they return from their trip.  It is so amazing to listen to the joy and excitment as they recall their adventures.
  • I would say my hidden talent is knowing US airport codes. Comes in handy with my carrear, as well as when my team plays trivia.
  • I have clients from all over the United Staes. To get a connection I always make sure to have a chat with them on the phone. I feel my personality and knowledge really comes across verbally.

  • In 10 years I would love to be on an expedition cruise to Antartica with a group of travelers seeing the penguins, whales, and seals.
  • I would love to be a VIP guide at the Walt Disney World Resort, also known as a “plaid” due to their uniform. I’ve always loved how the guides share their knowledge with guests and share a bit of pixie dust with everyone they encounter.

  • What really makes my day amazing is when I hear from a traveler that I exceeded their expectations and they had the best vacation ever. It brightens my day when travelers let me know that they never want to travel again without using my services as they just couldn’t have a better trip without me.
  • My goal is to make sure that all of my travelers have the best trip that fits their dreams, needs, and desires. I always make sure that travelers know our final trip proposal might not be the lowest cost but it will be the best value for their vacation dollars. Taking a cheap trip can be like wearing a cheap pair of shoes, they might be the snazziest shoes ever but if they don’t fit right they will leave you battered, bruised and with a sour taste in your mouth.