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I met Kathy at a bridal show I was in. She was looking for a photographer, and we hit it off really well. I love Kathy’s sense of style. She has tons of it!! Her wedding decor. was so beautiful and so…her!
The ceremony was held at Kanley Chapel at Western Michigan University. Huge appreciation to whoever decided to paint the inside of that chapel white. I photographed there about two years ago, and the walls were pink. So I was delighted to walk in and see normal white walls!
The reception was held at the amazing Rose Street Market…yes I am a bit biased because its in the same building as my studio. However, I must say “JUST GOOD FOOD” who caters for the Rose Street Market, has the best food hands down. Wow….I throughly enjoyed all the food they had there. I always do! =)
Kathy ‘s details and little stylish influences were so perfectly displayed through out the day. She chose the style and color for each bridesmaid…I loved how they all complimented each other so well. I could go on and on…it was an absolute delight to photograph their special day.
I want to say a special thanks to Valerie Ott for second shooting with me…she did a great job with the guys and getting some wonderful details! Thanks girl!
I know Kathy and I will be staying in touch since we are downtown small business owners. Just a little plug for her business….she owns “ADORE THE DECOR AND MORE” on the corner of the Kalamazoo Mall and Eleanor. Check it out…they have some ADORABLE stuff in there.
Gabe and Kathy, I wish you both the very best in your marriage!

Okay….on to the photos!!
You can also click HERE to see their slideshow!