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Fun tips on how to take better vacation photos!

A Quick Guide to Taking Better Vacation Photos

Vacation, whether it’s on your own or with family and friends, is a happy and exciting time. There is always a memorable, funny or majestic moment to capture as you relax and unwind. Taking great photos is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone, but there are a few things you can do to ensure that you have plenty of wonderful images to remember your vacation by.

Fun tips on how to take better vacation photos in Disney World! - Gregersen Photography

Simple Photography Tips for the Vacationer

  • The moments are what matters on a vacation so try not to get the people you’re with to pose too often. Instead, focus on capturing special moments between your children or between friends. You also never know when a unique moment might present itself in your surroundings so always have your camera ready. Candids are my favorite and really capture what the person is feeling at that moment.
  • Don’t forget to take some detailed shots, too. While you want to capture the scenery and be able to show others what you experienced on vacation, taking the time to zoom in on the smaller details can make for some amazing photos as well.  Whether it’s a great meal that you had or the beautiful detail on a building, try not to discount those shots. 

Fun tips on how to take better vacation photos! - Gregersen Photography

  • If you are looking to get some great shots of the scenery around you, it’s always best to get up early if you can. The lighting will be better earlier in the day and hopefully there won’t be as many people around. This is very true in a very popular destination spot.
  • Before you pack up your belongings and head out the door, get to know your camera. Read through your camera’s manual and have a quick read through the settings and features to ensure that you’re up to speed with what your camera is capable of. I know, it can be overwhelming, but just know it will be less stressful if you take a few moments to do this.
  • Be ready for the perfect shot. Have everything set up and ready to go if you are wanting a big family group shot. Patience wears thin if they are all standing ready to go and you are still setting up your camera. Another tip for family photos, find shade! Don’t worry so much about the location as much about the light. Photographing in a shade helps eliminate squinting eyes. 

  • Another tip to be ready ahead of time, is if there is movement in images, such as a parade or kids jumping in the pool. Make sure you are as still as possible to take a sharper image.

  • Get a few shots of the locals and anything that might be going on around you. These shots tend to tell the best stories and remind you of the great memories you created as you reminisce about the trip once you get back home and for years after.
  • Lastly, when you return home from your trip. Print those images or even better make an album or scrapbook of them so you preserve those memories while your memory is fresh.  Digital files make get lost, damaged or deleted, so get those vacation images printed so you all can sit together and look back and remember that amazing vacation.

Fun tips on how to take better vacation photos! - Gregersen Photography

Safe travels and happy memory making! 😉

Enjoy the memories that I captured of my family from our last trip to Disney.