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Goodness, time flies. I just can’t believe that its been five years since I opened the doors of my photography studio in the Rose Street Market Building here in downtown Kalamazoo, MI. If you are interested in reading about how it all happened….here ya go! 🙂

I officially started my business is 2007, and it grew so quickly that my husband told me I couldn’t do it out of our house anymore. So we prayed and thought a lot about what’s the next big step going to look like because I was still working part time at my physical therapy job, and chasing around our little 2 year old daughter. So in early 2009, I started scoping out rental space in downtown Kalamazoo with the help of my wonderful friend and mentor, Holly Henderson. She told me about Rose Street Market and we went to check it out. It’s amazing how when you see something….”YOU JUST KNOW”. I knew this was the place God had for my photography business. This place was a blank slate….sort of….we spent the whole month of May painting, hanging displays and installing new lights. My dad and husband was such a huge help during this process.  Here is a quick peak of what it looked like when we moved in…

It makes me smile to look back and remember this day. So full of excitement and anticipation as I followed this dream and gift that God gave me. A gift I was not even looking for or asking for…its so amazing how God knows us even better than we know ourselves and He opened my eyes to photography and chose to bless me in this way. I am still in awe each day as I go to “work” at the studio and so grateful for what I have been able to do, and the wonderful people I have been able to meet on this journey.  I have been able to photograph so many aspects of life, the happy and the very sad moments. I am honored to to be able to create photographic art that people will cherish and cling to for generations. Such an amazing job I have!!

In 2012, we did a massive remodel of the studio and added a new room….my shooting room. That room started out as honestly an unsafe place to walk through, however the wonderful staff at Rose Street and my landlord fixed it up so that it is what it is today, and used often to make wonderful memories for my clients. You can click here to see what the studio now looks like…I had a promotional video made after the remodel was done to show off the new space.  Here is that same room after the remodel….as you can see LOTS of painting. My sweet assistant and I spent weeks on ladders painting those ceilings over and over and OVER with white paint. Thanks Dani!!!!

I still am humbled and in awe as I look back and see where I have come…..I have never EVER have worked harder in my life. Running your own business is no joke, its “always there”. However…when you are doing what you love, something you are passionate about, and know it truly a part of who you are…you love the work, you deal with the stressful business side of it and you just can’t image doing anything else. One of the best things about this “job”, is that I can choose my time and how to spend it with my family. Yes, I work a lot and hard, but I get to play hard with my family. Again, so grateful.

I love downtown Kalamazoo, and have so enjoyed getting to know other small business owners and realize we all have that same passion and drive to better our community and DREAM. I truly hope to continue this business and even grow a little more! Our vision and speciality is always QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE. 🙂

Here are a couple fun tid bits about me and my business you may not know…

1. I picked up my first DSLR in Fall of 2005. Had no idea how to use it….started the business in 2007. CRAZY!!!

2. I studied Physical Therapy and worked at Borgess Hospital for 10 years. I left the field in 2010 and never looked back.

3. I am a NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP volunteer photographer. Google it if you don’t know what that is….CHANGED MY LIFE.

4. I drink way too much Mt Dew and Iced Tea with this job. Gotta stay caffeinated!!

5. I am scared of the City Busses..they do NOT slow down for pedestrians.

6. I LOVE photographing newborns. My husband and I do not plan to have any more babies, so I love getting my baby snuggly time in with my little clients. There is just something so special about holding a NEW 5 day old baby!!

7. I get asked a lot if my husband and I work together….well not in the way people may think. He really has no hand in my business beyond providing awesome child care to our girls, hauling props when needed, hanging displays, and being a fabulous listening ear when I have a problem or area that needs some advice.

8. Running a business is the hardest thing I have ever learned to do….still is.

9. I have a bit of an obsession with props….especially newborn props. Too many cute things!! Although, I will say I am very picky about my props too in what I choose.

10. Sadly, watched Sarkozy Bakery burn down a couple years ago, I so loved that little bakery….especially behind it in the alley, it was such a great photo place!! Thrilled to hear they have been able to “rebuild”.

11. If you can answer this question correctly, and comment at the bottom of this blog….you will then be in the running for a $50 Gregersen Photography Gift Certificate!!  What kind of camera do I shoot with……Nikon, Canon or Sony??

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