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Five fun ideas to photograph your children doing this Summer!

Summer is here and we are all eager to get out and enjoy it with our children! Here are some fun ideas and activities to make sure you photograph your children doing this Summer to create and hold on to these wonderful memories!First thing first, do not worry about getting the “perfect shot” or having the best camera or lens….just capture the moment, most of my candid family photographs are taken on my trusty iPhone and that is just fine! Just make sure you are not only intentional about capturing these moments, but backing them up or even better….printing them! 

  1. Last Day of School…..yay school is out. Make sure to capture that last day of school smile just like you did for the first day of school and you can then compare how much they have grown in just 9 months!
  2. Sidewalk Chalk Fun….my girls love sidewalk chalk, and its even more fun when you soak the chalk in water and it turns into a paint like chalk stick, all the more fun and messy. So photograph the activity and then their final art pieces too, we know they will be very proud to show them off. I have my girls write their names in the chalk and then I photograph the standing or sitting next to it and shooting from way above and down on to them.
  3. Stuffed Animal Picnic…its the simple things like a little picnic on a blanket in the backyard with your kid’s beloved stuffed animals. Have your kids set up the picnic area, pick the food and drinks and they will love it! When they can do all the prep work they seem to really “get into” more and not realize we are setting up a little mini photo opportunity. 😉
  4. Daddy and Me…with Father’s Day in June, this is a easy one! Make sure you get pictures with daddy. Not just the nice smile at the camera photo, but the snuggles, hugs and tickling shots.
  5. Riding their bike…this is an easy one for us, but I love these shots of my littles ones riding their bike and scooters in our driveway. Our youngest just learned how to ride a bike and her smile was so big when she realized she figured it out. Some shot ideas are getting a close up of their sweet face with their helmet on, their foot on the peddle about to take off, their little hands holding tight to the handle bars….and of course them riding and smiling!
  6. BONUS!!! Skipping…The picture above is my daughter skipping and she loves to skip and always laughs and smiles when she does! So make it a game to have your littles ones skip towards you and tell them to laugh as hard as they can when they do….promise you its a super cute shot. A little photography tip, make sure you are as still as possible when taking this shot to help prevent blurriness.

Have fun and enjoy your Summer with your kids!!