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Five FAQ’s about learning photography

and manual camera settings

Here are some of the most FAQ’s I get about photography education….

1. How do I take sharper images of my kids? “I notice that sometimes one of my kids are not in focus, but the tree behind them is”. “The whole image is just a little blurry” 

2. What kind of lens should I buy? “I have a nice camera, but am ready to buy another lens, what do you suggest?”

3. How do I take good pictures of my kids playing sports? “My kids play soccer and I want to take better pictures of them, I notice that they can sometimes be blurry and don’t know how to fix that. 

4. How do I get that beautiful blurry background? “Is that done in photoshop or with the camera?”

5. Where do you suggest I print my images, and how about editing? ” I don’t want to just go to Walgreens or Sam’s Club to print anymore, who do you recommend? I want to start editing my images beyond just an app on my phone, what do you recommend to a mom with a camera?” 

I can help!! I answer all these very popular questions in my Photography 101 Online Class.

This class is 90 minutes and we answer all those questions above. They require more than a one sentence answer for sure! The great thing about this class is you can watch it as much as you like and at your own pace to really grasp the concepts!

The Photography 101 Online Class covers the topics of…

➡️Focus Points (this is a BIG ONE and learning about focus points is worth the cost of the class right there!)


➡️Aperture (What the heck is a F-stop)

➡️Shutter Speed

➡️White Balance

➡️Lighting Scenarios

➡️My recommended vendors to help you on your photography journey.

You ready to start learning and get out of the auto and really start your photography journey? I hope so, because it’s so so fun, and a warning….it’s pretty addictive. 😉

You can head over to our class by clicking here to purchase the class and get started!

We also offer a Manual Photography Cheat Sheet that great to have in your camera bag when you are out and about shooting and forget some of the details on adjusting your settings….you can pull it out and reference your settings again. I personally wish I had something like this when I was first learning and shooting…..it would have saved a lot of frustration for sure. I have a coupon code for you all to get the Cheat Sheet for FREE when you buy the Photography 101 Class. Just put both of them in your cart when you are on the Shop page, and then use the coupon code MANUAL10 to get the Cheat Sheet for FREE!

We don’t want you to feel alone in your photography journey, so go ahead and purchase the class and watch it (as many times as you want) and then join our MELISSA GREGERSEN PHOTOGRAPHY :: PHOTOGRAPHY EDUCATION Facebook Group. This private group is a positive environment that encourages everyone to ask questions and learn more about photography. You can ask me questions and I promise they will get answered! I hope to see you in there!

Want to learn a little more about me? Sure, Click here and I will happily share a little more about me and my love for teaching photography. 

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