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I have been working very very hard these last few years to get my business going and it never ends….there is always something to take up my time….something that always can be done. I have been feeling very overwhelmed and quite convicted on this issue lately. Today, I am sitting in an ICU room with my mom. She had a brain tumor removed on Monday and is trying to recover. It is so hard to see your mom in this situation and “struggle”. I am here with my laptop…working…but I am here. It feels so good to know I can drop everything and be here with her. I want to thank all of my clients that are being a little more patient with me this week as I spend some time with my mom. We are praying for a full recovery…and patience….lots of patience.

So there will be a few things I will be changing in my business from now on to make sure that my family is my priority. I love my clients and I love working with them..but when I look at my little girls or my mom in a hospital bed or my husband trying to work around “my schedule”…..everything else fades away. Family first.

Like I said I do LOVE my clients and what I do…so here is a photo from an engagement session that I am working on while I am sitting here with my mom as she sleeps and heals…