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Erik and Cassie’s Wedding Day at LOFT 310

This was our first wedding of the 2019 Wedding Photography Season for us here at Gregersen Photography, and what a perfect one to start the season. Erik and Cassie are one of those couples that make you feel “right at home” as you photograph their big day. It was a beautiful day from start to finish and I truly hope they look back on their wedding day with smiles, love and very full hearts knowing they had their best day ever, and what a way to start their marriage! I am so honored they chose me, and can’t wait for them to have some cute babies for me to photograph!! 😉

I have to say it was a pure delight working along side Coastline Studios as they are just so amazing at what they do and are the perfect teammates!! I am so eager to see their wedding video from this special day!!

I asked Erik and Cassie to tell us a little about them and their memories on their wedding day….enjoy!!

Wedding dress handing at the Radisson in Kalamazoo

1. Please tell us your love story….

Erik & I have been together for 7 years this August. We met through a mutual friend one night. We hit things off pretty well and later we all went back to Erik’s house where I remember saying I was hungry. Erik asked me if I liked pizza and proceeded to take me outside to his fresh vegetable and herb garden where he told me to pick whatever toppings I wanted and then he made me a fresh homemade pizza….and my goodness was it delicious!!! I remember days after meeting Erik asking my friend questions about him. We became good friends for about six months and it was in August for my birthday Erik invited me on a weekend trip to Miami. It was there and since then that almost seven years has passed and yet he still is making me homemade pizza.

Wedding ring on gold detailing bride getting her wedding dress on with her mom Bride with bridesmaids in robes before the wedding


2. What characteristic to you love most about each other?

Erik is a wonderful person inside and out, smart, generous, and funny.

Cassie has a fun and bubbly personality with a great sense of humor. She is always willing to help others and has never not been able to make friends among new people.

Groom getting ready on his wedding day

3. How did he propose?

Erik proposed to me on New Years Eve in Chicago (one of our favorite cities). We had dinner plans and then attended a New Years Eve party at our hotel..the Hilton Chicago to ring in the new year. Well…the weather was extremely cold (wind chill way below zero and of course windy) and I didn’t come prepared clothing wise so Erik gave me his suit jacket as well as his pea coat to put over my gown so I didn’t freeze. I remember walking into dinner and the hostess asking me if I’d like to have our jackets checked. I said sure but Erik quickly chimed in right away sternly declining the gesture so we ended up holding onto our jackets and placed them on our chair…a sign for something later to come. Never thought twice about him saying no but little did I know there was something in his coat jacket of which I would eventually cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t believe he was walking around with it all day. We had a fabulous meal and left to attend the party. We requested an Uber and for the first time ever my favorite car/SUV picked us up…a white Audi Q7. On the way to the event he asked me if I wanted to get a picture in front of the Christmas tree in Millennial Park (which I had wanted to do 2 days prior). We got out and he asked someone at the park to take a picture. After a few photos, he dropped to one knee. I cut him off saying what are you doing…get up… its freezing and he said “Cass…WILL YOU MARRY ME” as he pulled out the diamond and the rest was history. It did take me a few minutes of yelling things like “I can’t believe this is happening” and “is this real” before I said “YES”. I do believe I called everyone in my phone that night and we missed over half of the New Years Eve party…but hey who cares!

Bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day

The First Look:

We both were taken back with the first look. Never thought we would miss each other so much as we had only been apart for one night and part of a morning. The anticipation of waiting all morning/afternoon was more than I could have ever imagined and we can’t wait to see how Melissa captured the moment on film. I had butterflies the entire time as I walked toward Erik to see him….I can only imagine how he felt waiting while not being able to look at me. Before I could even tap his shoulder I was already in tears of joys. That moment was so special for the both of us …its was emotional and overwhelming (in a good way).

bride and groom with her dog

4. What are some fun things you love to do together?

We love to be with family and friends, hang out with our dog Kayto, play golf, go boating, as well as travel which has fueled our new love for cooking (more like him cooking and me taste testing ha). I would say as a couple we are a fun loving couple that strive to experience new things. We are both very social and love to travel but don’t mind the occasional movie night in.

beautiful bride on her wedding day

bride's wedding ring and bouquet

groom portraits on his wedding day bride with her bridesmaids at the Radisson in Kalamazoo Bridal Party having fun at the Gatsby in Kalamazoo Bride and Groom portraits at the gatsby in kalamazoo

5. What was the best memory of your wedding day for each of you?

Both of us enjoyed every minute of our day! Everything was magical. Also, we cherished our special moment we had with our four legged furry baby Kayto. Having my dad walk me down the aisle was very special to me. Its was just as wonderful as I always dreamed and I was so thankful to have my first favorite man give me away!!! Dancing the night away was fantastic! We love to have fun and I believe all those around us certainly were showing off their dance moves from the start to finish that evening.


6. Why did you choose LOFT 310?

We chose the Loft 310 because we thought it was a unique venue. From the Gatsby speakeasy style bar to the open Loft 310 venue…everything seemed perfect about the venue from the moment we saw it on the internet. The Gatsby bar put us in awe from day one with the classic dark wood finishes, red velvet accents, vintage seating and unique accent lighting. It seemed the perfect fit for our glamour style of wedding. The venue was like an open canvas and it was like starting with a blank slate. We were able to create our vision of the Gatsby with black and gold coloring transformed the room along with large and full centerpieces, gold glitzy candles, large white ostrich feather, pearls, and crystal finishes. We also are both big foodies…. the venue had very good reviews on food and we were both satisfied with the way everything came out.

7. Did your wedding day incorporate any special history, hobbies or passions that are special to you both?

We got a couple photos with our dog, Kayto, who we love so much! My mom is very creative and she went above and beyond to help create the Gatsby theme for us by hand painting signs as well as putting together pieces that were placed throughout the entire wedding. Also, she made my amazing wedding day shoes…..converse that were blingged out to the max! They were perfect.

8. If there was one thing you could change about the day what would it be?

To have it last longer! Again, to have all of our favorite family and friends in one room was so joyous! The day/night was so fun, I wish it could of went on longer. There is never enough time in one day!

9. What is your biggest accomplishment together so far?

Every day is a mile stone in our relationship as we try to push each other in way we would not be able to push ourselves…. there is not one single accomplishment that has defines us as a couple. Day to day we challenge each other and continue to try to make ourselves live the best life we can together!

golden macro wedding rings


10. Please list the top three priorities in your life as a couple together now. Things you will strive for together each day….

1) Creating a home that is filled with love for one another and for our future family.

2) Always being honest with one another and never going to bed angry at each other.

3) Expanding our horizons and experiencing new things together…..making life an adventure!

11. Any advice to other bride and grooms out there?

The same advice we were given… to take a moment with each other to stop and look around and really take it all in. Take a moment to just look at each other and how much love there is! It goes by so incredibly fast, like a good dream that you never want to end, but then it does….soak it all in!

12. Did your wedding day incorporate any special history, hobbies or passions that are special to you both?

We got a couple photos with our dog, Kayto, who we love so much! My mom is very creative and she went above and beyond to help create the Gatsby theme for us by hand painting signs as well as putting together pieces that were placed throughout the entire wedding. Also, she made my amazing wedding day shoes…..converse that were blingged out to the max! They were perfect.

13. Honeymoon?? 

We haven’t gone on our honeymoon yet….but are celebrating our honeymoon in September! We are going to Italy….Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Almalfi Coast….which gives us another event to anticipate as continue to celebrate our marriage to one another!

bride and groom with outside twinkle lights at LOFT 310

14. Please add a wonderful special memory if you would like…

The end cap to the night involved our last photo of the night with Melissa. With a light drizzle as a backdrop, she was able to capture a beautiful moment under some hanging lights across the street from the venue. We were so thrilled to get a one on one outside photo and are blessed that mother nature was cooperative.

15. Describe the feeling of your wedding day as you look back.

Everything we could of ever imagined. It was truly the best day ever! It was so magical and perfect, something we will both never forget!

We knew from day one that we were in good hands with choosing Melissa. We loved her style of photography from day one and are so grateful she was able to shoot our wedding. Her fun loving, down to earth personality shines through in her photography and her ability to capture those special moments that will take us back and feel as if they we reliving that moment are a big part of why we chose Melissa…not to mention she is quite capable putting rowdy groomsman in their place in order to capture the moment. She is very professional with timing and getting what needed to be done, done. We are so excited to see all of the memories, laughs, tears, and family/friends that were captured on our big day. They will be something to look back at and always smile about even when were 90 and going blind ha. I know that when we are ready we will be traveling to Michigan to have Melissa do all of our future family photography 🙂


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