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What an amazing “job” this is. I’ve had the blessed experience to work with Gregersen Photography for the past 2 (almost 3) years now. I love being an assistant, working behind the scenes and learning from one of the best. Melissa has been a great teacher. Being patient as I learn the ropes of technology & learn just what makes a good photo shine. Not many people can say they LOVE to go to work, but God has blessed me with the that privilege and I am sad to think that it’ll be coming to a close, all too soon. As our family eagerly awaits the arrival of our new addition due this Christmas season (can not wait!!!), I know these are my final days in “the office”. I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for my family and am excited to take the experience and knowledge I’ve learned with me, to hopefully help others out as well; but will miss my days of office work, newborn sessions, walks in the sunshine, lunches at McD’s, & real adult conversation 2 days a week!

As the New Year approaches our family is looking at new adventures, not only with adding another cute kiddo but moving down to the great state of North Carolina, where my husband will be starting a year long internship with a church in Denver, NC. I am over the top excited about being able to stay home with our two sons & helping out with the youth and church but will truly miss my days with Melissa. I wish there was some way to do a long distance photographer’s assistant job. It’ll be strange not to have any fun weddings to 2nd shoot this summer … and heaven knows I’ll miss the yummy cake perk of that job!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Melissa & I have known one another for quit some time now, but our friendship has only blossomed to a deeper, funner (yes, I just said Funner!) friendship that I will always be grateful for. From the first ย phone call when she asked me if I’d like to try the job out (which I remember fondly & can retell moment by moment… best phone call ever!!) to these last few weeks in the office; each moment working for Gregersen Photography has been a blessing & joy!! Seriously the best job ever next to being a wife & momma. So thank you to Melissa & thank you to all the fun, memorable clients that have helped make this job so exciting! I pray that one day, if God ever brings us back home to the great state of Michigan that I may be able to come back and help out again!