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I met Dana and Steve in South Haven last weekend and we toughed out the photoshoot. =) It was so warm and HUMID. I was not expecting that right on the lakeshore…the lake was FREEZING, but we all were tempted to jump in towards the end of the session. =) Dana and Steve have quite the height difference….and I love it….because my husband and I are the same way. My husband is 12 inches taller than I am, and I believe Dana said they are at 13 inches. =)
It was so nice to get to know them better that evening, that is why I love engagement sessions. We all get to “practice” working with each other for the big day. Dana is just pure sweetness and Steve has a great sense of humor. I know their wedding day will be tons of fun! =)
I hope you two enjoy these photos!! See you soon!!