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Carrie | Wedding Photographer

Weddings are one of our favorite events to photograph here at Gregersen Photography. We love everything about them!! We understand that each wedding is unique to each couple and we strive to do our best to meet those needs with gorgeous photography. Knowing that everyone has a different budget and price point for their wedding photography needs, and our associate wedding photography service is a great option!

We describe our style as candid, elegant, balanced and fun! You will have a great time while we are taking your wedding photographs! We are always more than willing to offer a helping hand along the way as well. Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love for each other and life long commitment to each other….and our goal is to capture it with laughter and good memories.


Who is Carrie?

Carrie  has  been photographing weddings since 2008. She has been a part of the awesome Gregersen Photography team since 2016. She is married to a wonderful husband named Dave and they have the cutest little boy named Zane. Carrie is one of the sweetest, kindest caring people I (Melissa) have been blessed to know the last 10 years. She is so likable and easy to work with, she laughs loud and easy! She has a servant’s heart and knows how to work a camera very well!


When Carrie photographs our wedding will there be an assistant?

Yes, Carrie will be along a photography assistant. Their main job is to make sure Carrie gets the best photographs possible. They will also be photographing the ceremony along side Carrie to get you a different angle and they photograph candid shots through out the day. We all those the sweet bonus images!!


What kind of deposit is needed to hold the date?

We ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit. To officially hold the date, we ask for the signed contract and the deposit. It is a first pay first serve basis due to the nature of the business.


Do you have travel fees?

The studio is located in Kalamazoo, MI. If you need us to travel to your wedding there is a .50 cents/mile fee after 120 miles round trip from the studio.


When will we see our wedding photographs?

We work very hard to professionally edit a couples’s photographs as fast as we can knowing that quality is always the most important. I understand that couples are very eager to relive their wedding day again through the photographs. This past year, we were able to have all wedding images posted online for couples to see within 5 weeks after their wedding. The wedding contract has a six week time frame, however we have consistently been able to showcase the images within one month after the wedding.


How much is this going to cost? 

We are very dedicated in providing gorgeous photography, albums, and of course the best customer service. We would love to chat and see if we are a good fit for Carrie to photograph your wedding, please note that our associate wedding 8 hour wedding day Collection is $2400 and includes printable high resolution digital files.  We offer a  complimentary engagement session (please note that prints and digital files are purchased separately) to those that would like to have one. Please contact us below for more pricing details.  We also offer custom quotes if you find a Collection does not meet your wedding photography needs.



I knew I wanted Carrie as my wedding photographer when I first met her. Her style is creative and natural. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable getting our phot taken. She is a professional and ready todo anything to get the perfect photo. Our photos exceed my expectations.

Nicole W.

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