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This past Friday, I had a Senior Session in Holland. They wanted a Carnival Theme, so we headed to Tulip Fest. in Holland, MI. There was a great carnival there, and so I decided to bring my girls too. Big thanks to my husband for coming with me and helping me with the girls so that I could get the images I was hoping for. I will be posting the Senior Session very soon….so stay posted…until then you can look at how cute my girls are at the Carnival!!




Norah….working the cotton candy.


I love her little smile in this photograph….that’s my girl!!

so pretty and so cute. Hard to believe you will be 6 years old soon.



SMILE! She has that part down pat!!


She loved watching the kids ride the ride behind her….but never asked to try it out herself. 🙂


She accidentally dropped that lollipop about 5 minutes later….broke her heart as it broke into about 20 pieces.



Sister time!!! Noelle loved her lollipop too!


One of my favorites….every mom loves an image of her children smiling big!!

Noelle was a little more resistive in the modeling game unlike Norah. Oh well….she has natural cuteness even if she resists.



We kept saying….”thank you for sharing Norah”…and Noelle gladly TOOK. 🙂



Daddy couldn’t resist smooching his baby girl.




 GROUP SHOT!!!! Noelle didn’t get this message….or she resisted AGAIN!


Playing with off camera flash for our Senior Session….Norah like being my “test shot”.


Such a fun night. Both girls fell asleep on the way home….looking forward to a FUN Summer!!!