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So its been a busy day but a GREAT day in my life. =)

Today was one of the days that will be a blur, I was on the go full speed all day. It started out with waking up with Norah next to me in bed…she likes to climb in bed with me at about 4am. =) I love that!!  Then I was off to the Hostetler household to photograph baby Olive again. That was fun! I can’t wait to post the photos from that session, they are so cute!! Then I was off to run some errands, place canvas orders, pick up Norah and get us all ready for our own Family Photo Session this afternoon with my sweet friend Cindy. I will be editing those soon and show them off when I can too. After our photo session, we headed to volleyball for two hours, then pizza at our house with the Miller family….it is now after 11pm, and tomorrow is a bit overwhelming to think about. We (norah, my mom and I) fly to North Carolina to go trick or treating. =)…..actually we are going to visit my sister and her family…and there will be a lot of Halloween activity while we are there.

So I will be unavailable until next Wednesday, while I enjoy some much needed family time and “down time”.

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!!

Enjoy a quick photo from today’s session with Olive….had to throw it on here because she is so into the Halloween spirit!  And…a photo of Norah that I took tonight. Both….adorable little girls huh! =)