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Ok…I love all my clients, but this family is one of my regulars and my faithful clients have a real special place in my heart, because they trust me….they cheer me on….and they have become friends. I was so happy to see these boys again. Mr. Max is all chub and smiles!! SO CUTE! Love his easy going smile. Don’t you love this owl hats?? My hat lady made them…here is a link to her Facebook page. She can make almost anything your imagination can dream up.
How about that adorable wood bed? I am pretty proud of that, my dad made it for me. It was the perfect prop for this session and those hats!! Thanks dad!!
We ended the session by our studio window…and Max wore the same outfit his brother wore when he was a baby, feel free to check out some of the photos from that session.
I can’t wait to show their mom all the photos….she is going to LOVE them. Enjoy!!