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A few weeks ago I was able to second shoot with a great photographer from the Chicago area….Jason Kaczorowki. It was a beautiful ceremony at Belle’s Eccentric Cafe. The ceremony was in their garden area, that is a perfect place for a ceremony! Just lovely!! The reception was at one of my new favorite places in downtown Kalamazoo…LOFT 310. LOFT 310 also has “The Gatsby”, a modern speak easy. It is stunning!
As a second shooter for the day, my job was to assist Jason, the main photographer, in any way that I can to make sure he gets the best photographs possible. We met that day of the wedding, and I think we worked really well together. Its so important as a second shooter to remember that our main job is to assist the photographer and give him images that will really diversify his coverage of the wedding day. I always enjoy second shooting because I can sit back a little and watch another photographer do their thing, and learn from them, and of course photograph at a completely different angle than as the main photographer.
Another fun job as a second shooter is detail shots. That is where we go to the reception and photograph all the fun details and decor. I really enjoy doing that. We all know that brides put a lot of time and effort into their wedding day details….and we want to make sure they are well documented since the wedding day can be such a blur for the bride and groom.
I would like to thank Jason for a fun day as we worked together to get some amazing images for Brian and Meghan. I wish them only the best in their marriage and new life together. I am honored to have even a small part in their beautiful wedding day.
Here are some photos I was able to capture….