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Happy one year old birthday handsome boy!! One year slips by so fast these days. I remember going to their house and taking photographs of him for his newborn photographs as our little girls played in the other room . Such a sweet boy then and now. Love his smile!!


I love the happy simplicity of this image.


And this one was a quick shot between sets, and its one of my favorites!!


Working with babies, its can be a little unpredictable….Brady “needed a moment” in the image of the left, but he perked back up and was smiling again in no time. The image on the right is just so darn cute!! He was giving his mom all these cute little faces and expressions. 🙂



Such a handsome little guy! Gotta love the versatility of a box….on the box…in the box!!




I can’t take credit for this idea…his mom Amanda saw it on Pinterest and asked if we could do it….of course! I love it when moms have a vision…it makes our job much easier!!