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Today, I turn 32 years old. I remember when my mom was 32 years old, and thinking as she sat on our back patio steps (probably very tired of us) “32 yrs. old is OLD”. 🙂
I love the life has blessed me with….a wonderful husband, a beautiful healthy daughter, and now another baby on the way. We are very blessed, and I give that glory to God.
The month of May is my favorite month….not just because its my birthday, but its a month that opens the door to summer!! Summers are BUSY, but I love the warmth, the way everything comes back to the “life” and becomes green again. There is hope in May knowing its only going to get better.
This past week, I have been feeling a little better…thanks to a little anti-nausea pill called “Zofran”. Thank goodness, because my schedule is starting to fill up and its going to get fun and busy again!! =)
Here is a quick photo from a session I did a couple nights ago. These two little cuties are twins, and make a photographer work hard…but I just love being able to see them every couple months and chase them around with my camera. =) I will say….they are getting faster, and I am getting slower. 🙂
Now….I am off to my birthday massage. 🙂 My gift to me!!