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We here at Gregersen Photography LOVE meeting other small businesses here in downtown Kalamzoo. We met some kindred spirits a few months ago in Michelle and Bridget. We love them and their store so much we wanted to feature them on our blog….so enjoy!!! 🙂

vintage photography eco chic design

Gregersen Photography was happy to be Bella Patina’s featured artist in the February Art Hop. Bella Patina located in downtown Kalamazoo, MI is owned by Bridget Fox and Michelle McDade. We challenged these lovely ladies with our small business questionnaire blog and boy did they come through. Enjoy reading about these two amazing women.

Name: Bridget Fox and Michelle McDade

Business Page:

Location:131 W. South Street Kalamazoo, MI

Describe your business: “We repurpose, retouch and re-use any salvageable material that we come across. We call it Eco-Chic Living”.

What’a one thing everyone should know about you? “We create everything in the shop. We have a working studio so we are creating projects all day”.

How Long have you been in business and how did you get started? “We opened Bella Patina April 20, 2012. We both decorated our homes with the same style and always had a love of re-using and designing on a dime”.

What change are you looking forward to this year…both professionally and personally? “We are looking forward to expanding our services as well as having more people know about us by increasing our marketing”.

If you were given 500.00 today, what would be the first thing you would do? “Pay it forward, give it to a local charity”.

Where do you find your inspiration? “Inspiration is everywhere”.

What is a great tip or quick bit of advice you can give us? “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”…a favorite quote by Henry David Thoreau

What is the favorite thing you like about your job? “Salvaging materials to make functional art and MEETING NEW PEOPLE”!



How do get a connection between you and your client? “Generally the people that come to the shop love what we love and that starts us talking and connecting”.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “We hope to have expanded our business to include more services for our customers and more store locations”.
What is one thing that can just make your day? “When we hear such wonderful comments from our customers”.

What is the main goal in your business? “To be a sustainable business that offers top quality customer service”.

What is your favorite restaurant in Kalamazoo? “Black Owl Cafe”! Here’s their site
Bridget and Michelle invite you to visit their Facebook page for specials and more info about the store.