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We are always excited to go to Kellogg Manor House to photograph a wedding, its such a special place here in the Kalamazoo area, full history, beauty and charm…and perfect venue for a wedding right on Gull Lake.

Renee and Ryan were a joy to meet on their wedding day….so incredibly easy going and grateful. I enjoyed every minute of my time with them on their wedding day. They asked us to just photograph their ceremony and family pictures… that was really fun to have a short yet very sweet time with them. Enjoy hearing from them all about their big day and their love for each other.

Kellogg Manor House exudes it's European look!

  • We met at a very small bar in Climax ~ The Harvester On Cinco De Mayo. We had a very close circle of friends but had never met. On June 10th, 2016 we decided to make it official and go from friends to dating.

The dark wood staircase shows off the brides brilliant white dress perfectly!

  • We were hiking at Pictured Rocks on July 3, 2017. He proposed on a cliff overlooking the lake. It was perfect.

The bride and groom getting a peak of each other before the wedding is always a special moment.

The couple's three adorable children making their way down the stone isle.

  • Ryan is the happiest, most respectable and loving person I have ever met. He is the best father a kid could ask for.

    Renee is a loving an devoted mother, she is tactically transparent and has a heart of gold.

Always a special moment when Daddy gets to walk his daughter down the isle.

  • Our friendship started with golfing so that is first. We love to travel and often take spontaneous trips. Whether its going to movies, camping or staying at home, we are happy as long as we are together.

The view of the bride and groom exchanging vows is breathtaking with the lake in the background.

  • Renee – I loved the actual ceremony. I could see how much he loved me when I looked at him. It will be something I cherish forever.

    Ryan – When I first say her walking down to me in her dress. We went all day without seeing each other and I filled up with emotion when I saw her. I couldn’t hold back the tears as she made her way to me.

Stunning views as we take a step back during the ceremony to capture the entire wedding!

  • That it didn’t go by so fast! You are constantly pulled in directions of your guests and getting through the next event, before you know it the day is over and you are exhausted. We wish we had more one on one time to enjoy the day.

Intimate shots of the bride and groom with a lake backdrop are stunning!

  • Renee – Don’t feel as if you have to follow protocol of a “typical wedding” make it your own since it is your day.

    Ryan- Enjoy the day as it is one of the most important days of your life.

The simplistic bride and groom shot is always a perfect portrait for your wall!

  • We went out west hiking and horse back riding through the mountains of Wyoming. It was amazing.
  • Blending our families. Ryan has a 4 year old daughter and I have two boys, 6 and 4. Learning to deal with other parents as well as making sure the kids are equal was so important to us. We feel as if we are doing a great job so far.

Capturing this old, giant tree located on the property made a beautiful backdrop.

  • When Ryan talks about the proposal or the time leading up to it, we hiked and hiked and hiked. I Couldn’t understand why we kept hiking. He finally said it was because he was so nervous and even though he knew I was going to say yes, it was so nervous. In fact, when he went to propose he said all he could get out of his lips were “would you marry me”. He said he had so many great things to say but they just wouldn’t come out 🙂 Ryan and I exchanged notes prior to the ceremony. I remember opening mine up and having to stop several times to avoid tears running down my cheeks. After the wedding we both agree as to how special those words are to us and glad we exchanged those prior to seeing each other.

So many beautifully green and well lit areas for bridal portraits.

  • To be the best spouse to each other Raise the children to be kind, smart and successful. Support each other as we take our careers to the next level.

This beautiful wooden bridge found on the property made for the perfect prop for the couple's shot!

  • We were so happy to have our children in the wedding and be a part of such a special day. Additionally we were married by Ryan’s Captain from BCFD. The fact that someone who meant so much to us was able to join us as husband and wife made our day perfect.

This daddy had some special moments with his little girl and new sons!

The three new siblings looking adorable in their gray, blue, and white color scheme.


This mommy had some special moments with her little boys and new daughter!


Family of 5 coming right up!

Such a beautiful little family they have created together!! We so wish them all the best here at Gregersen Photography. 

The concrete steps on the property made for perfect first family photos for this group!