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Six months old is the big stage that we love to capture here at the studio at Gregersen Photography. Babies change so much through out their first year of life and the six month stage is all about sitting and big smiles! We love have this baby girl in for each photography session….she is such a beauty and all smiles!!

Little P is one of our baby planners. That means we see her a couple times through out this first year of her life to capture all those wonderful ages and stages….all the growing and changing they do!

Baby girl instudio with flowers Gregersen Photography

Six month baby girl sitting in basket wearing blues and greens in studio baby photography

I love having these simple classic baby photographs… on the belly and on their back playing with toes.

Classic baby pose on the tummy and on the back playing with toes Gregersen Photography

Mommy and baby photography

Bright pink colors for baby girl photography