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Ok…do you ever just thank God for certain people He brings into your lives? Since I started this amazing journey of photography….I have met the BEST people out there. And….Amy and Matt are two people that I put in that category. They were the first wedding I did last year, and started my 2009 wedding season with a bang! I have such fond memories of their wedding. It was a blast…and now they have gone and had a baby!!!! =) So incredibly happy for them. I got to meet their sweet baby boy last week, and oh my….it just makes me melt to see a 6 day old baby with a full head of hair. He is ADORABLE!!!!! And…he was not all that interested in getting his picture taken…but I won, and he finally fell asleep. =)
Here are a few of my favorites….see you in a few months sweet baby Cole. XOXOX!!!