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My sweet friend and hairstylist Misty Blake, organized this ribbon tying idea to make people aware of the alarming number of children abused and neglected in our city of kalamazoo. The number of children reported last year abused or neglected is…4,944!!! I was so shocked and horrified when I heard that number…that is so so high! Misty had 4,944 blue ribbons ready for us to tie on two trees in downtown Kalamazoo to represent each child that has been abused. The trees are located on the Kalamazoo Mall right beside “Burdicks” restaurant. They will be full of blue ribbons through the end of the month. Please go check it out, and please donate to the cause when you see people out and about this weekend doing the “Lifesaver” campaign. They will be all over kalamazoo asking for donations for help these sweet children, when you donate you will be offered a small packet of LifeSaver candies to represent what your donation is doing for these children.
I want to say a special thank you to Misty for heading this up, and going the extra mile on this project. I just love and respect her for her true compassion for this campaign!

Norah just hanging out while we were tying ribbons in the COLD!
What a shockingly large number!! So sad.