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Wow! What a way to kick off my 2009 wedding season. I had the best time photographing Amy and Matt’s wedding. Some of the things that really worked on this day was first….amazing weather. April is a little risky in Michigan, but God was gracious to them and gave them the PERFECT day. Next was their personalities, they all had a blast that day, and I think it really shows in the photos! And the last thing was they gave their photographer lots of time to photograph them. It was so fun to have TWO HOURS just set aside for me!! So so so fun. I have to thank my wonderful second shooter, Ray Brandon, for all his amazing photos. We are a good team…I love his style. Absolute video was a pure joy to work with, they were all great easy going guys! So…now on to the good part…here are some photos! =)
PARTY ON!!!! =)