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I’ve had quit the privilege to photograph this cute little guy since birth. He’s a very happy baby and such a cutie. Aiden is part of our Baby Plan. I have taken his newborn, 3 month, now his 6 month pictures and will continue on to do his 9 month and one year photos as well. It is very fun to watch him and others grow from a sweet newborn to a crawling, chatting one year old. The baby plan is a great way to document your child’s first year of life. The newborn session we like to schedule one week after the baby’s due date. For the session I come out to your house so everyone is comfortable and in their own element and I spend time capturing the littlest and sweetest moments of that first week home. After the year end, I put together an album just for your family, highlighting the first 12 months. It’s my special gift to you for doing the baby plan with me!