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Look at this little nugget! How adorable is he and his newborn baby photos. I just loved working with him, he was just precious. He was so so petite and it’s always such a great reminder how frail and small we start out in this life isn’t it!? I just love all there delicate features….toes, fingers ears and lips and just the start of eye lashes! It truly is a fun job folks to hold, snuggle pose and then photograph these sweet itty bitty babies.

He has big dreams.

My favorite pose at each newborn photography session is a bucket pose and we have LOTS of different kinds of buckets from different colors, and textures. I am also quite addicted to props so I am always on the lookout for a new bucket or prop to add to my newborn photography prop collection.

Newborn baby boy in neutral rustic basket

So itty bitty!! When they are this young and fresh out of the womb (we suggest to do newborn sessions at 14days old or YOUNGER) they can still really curl up like this and love it. Just think they were so curled up in the womb and when we wrapped them up like this, they always fall right to sleep….they love it!!

Newborn baby all snuggled up in Daddy's hands

The newborn sibling photograph is always a family favorite for parents and grandparents, and I am sure you can see why. Brother and sister were so smitten with their new baby brother.

Newborn with both older siblings on simple off white rug.

Exploding with love.

I just love this family picture, get in close and snuggle!!!

You complete me!

Get on my wall!


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