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Getting married and planning a wedding can be so stressful when you lay out all the details and decisions that need to be made. Melanie and Micheal chose to have their wedding at the gorgeous Southern Exposure Herb Farm. They chose this venue not only because it is incredibly beautiful, but Southern Exposure does a wonderful job of taking care of so many details of the wedding day. This allows couples to enjoy what we call simplicity at it’s best because they handle so much of the behind the scenes details for the couple to allow them to enjoy their day.

We have so enjoyed getting to know Melanie and Micheal. Our wonderful associate wedding photographer, Carrie, was their wedding photographer for this day. We offer associate and signature collections that have either Melissa Gregersen or our wonderful associate photographer, Carrie, be the photographer for your wedding day. Melanie and Micheal chose Carrie as their photographer! Carrie was thrilled to work with them on their wedding day…and stated what a perfect wedding day it was. 🙂

Enjoy learning more about this sweet couple as we had then answer some questions for us!!

A dress suited for a Princess on her wedding day!

  • Our families have been close friends since Michael and I were little. We started dating in highschool when I was a freshman and Michael was a sophomore after a school dance. We have been together for 8 1/2 years before we got married in August.

The burgundy and white bouquets were the perfect Etsy purchase!

  • Michael took me to Landoll’s Mohican Castle where we had a lovely evening of wine and dancing before he asked me to be his wife!

Rings and shoes. It's all in the details!

I love how good natured and caring Michael is. He is always considerate.

I love Melanie’s appreciation for the little things in life, she always makes me smile. She is also very intelligent and trustworthy.

The window light cast upon the perfect moments of the bride and her mom getting ready.

A warm outdoor setting for the wedding made it necessary for the programs to have two purposes. The fans were appreciated by the guests!

  • We love watching movies, walking, cooking, shopping, and golfing together.

Nothing like a father daughter moment down the isle.

Seeing my wife walk up the aisle was very special. It was the first time I could see her all day, and she looked so beautiful.
My favorite memory was the ceremony. It was full of joy, and I finally got to see Michael!

The joy on the bride's face says it all during the ceremony.

A joyful "I do"!

Our day was beautiful, and we had a great time, so nothing major comes to mind that we would change.

The off white suite of the groom really made the Burgandy flowers pop!

Magic moments of the bride before the ceremony.

  • Relax and enjoy your special day! ☺

Bride and groom portraits!

  • We went all around Japan! We started in Tokyo, then saw Mt Fuji, Osaka, Hiroshima/Miyajima Island, Kyoto, and Takayama. The people are very friendly, the culture very interesting, and the land beautiful.

Having fun with the bride's veil makes for pretty fun images

  • We were able to handle a long distance relationship through college, seeing each other as often as we could.

Love when you find a little nook for images like these. Romantic!

  • Our Japan honeymoon together is very special to us. Japan is very beautiful and it is exciting to learn about its history and culture. Since this place is unknown to us, we must work together to overcome obstacles and grow together through this awesome experience.

The property has so much to offer for lush images such as these!

The cute and cuddly images you get when spot the perfect bench!

  • Support each other, grow together, and explore together.

Bridal party!

Maid of honor and Best Man had the BEST speeches!

Cake cutting cuteness!

First dance images with backlighting are perfection!

Always shed a tear when he father/daughter and mother/son dances happen

We greatly appreciate the support that we received throughout our relationship from family and friends. We are also grateful for the vendors who made our day special and memorable.

Wisked the bride and groom away for some country shoots at sunset. The light was amazing!