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“Count your blessings”! I have been a little overwhelmed with “life” lately. Trying to be a wife, mom, housekeeper, physical therapy assistant, photographer, business owner, designer, and child of God. It is getting to this weak little body of mine. I had a mini breakdown tonight….and my sweet daughter (3 years old) came up to me, hugged and kissed me and brought me my favorite blanket, and wanted to pray for me. I am so blessed. What an angel from God. Life is hard, and a little overwhelming…but I must count my blessings, and I quickly realize that God is not only in control, but way too kind to me. So…after my little “incident”, Norah and I had a popsicle and life was back to normal…”normal” is quite subjective isn’t it? =)
Here is a sneak peak of a wedding I did this past wedding…many more photos to come on it soon…it was fabulous! =)
Have a great week everyone, and remember “count your blessings”…