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My husband, Jayme, and I are officially old. No, not really, but we are really starting to “feel our age” as we look back as see where 10 years has brought us. As we all know, life has its highs and lows….ups and downs…but when you are with the one who loves to through it all and together following the God of the Bible who loves us even more than we love each other….its just amazing.

So enjoy some of the photos as I reminise some of the highlights of the last 10 years.

Jobs: Jayme is now on job #3. God has a funny way of working in ¬†your heart to get you where He wants you to be. We never would have thought of Perrigo 10 years ago, and yet now….we are so grateful for this job he has there. Me? I worked at Borgess doing Physical Therapy until 2009 when I quit completely to open up my photography studio.

Faith: We are thrilled to see how God continues to mold and use us for His work. We have been a part of our amazing God following church…. We helped plant the church with 60 other people 7 years ago and its been so fun to watch God take it and grow it and mature it….if you are looking for a church that teaches the Bible without fear….check it out. We love visitors!!

On to another topic of faith, Jayme was without work for six months the Summer of 2008. That is a great lesson in faith and teamwork. I worked double that year…shooting weddings and doing Physical Therapy. I don’t know if I would call it a “low” point in our marriage because we knew without a doubt it was just part of the journey God had planned for us…we just worked together a little harder.

Home: We moved into our little starter home right away, and worked all 8 years we lived there on making it better. We sold our house so fast, the first family that looked at it bought it! We now live in Plainwell, and are loving our new hometown.

Now on to our pride and joy…the blessings God gave us. Norah and Noelle.


Here is one of my favorite images of Norah…she was about 2 years old in this image!

My wonderful friend Holly Henderson took this family photo of us in 2009….Noelle was still in womb.




I love scrapbooking and always have….I have been doing it digitally for the last few years….so here are some of my scrapbook pages…


My blessings….love them so much.


This photo was taken last year. I loved how Noelle snuggled right up to me when she was in the sling…I miss those sweet moments.

This was last year on our family vacation to the U.P. they girls were playing on the beach at Lake Superior.



One of my favorite family photos of us. Taken in Sept. 2011.


More fun photos from this session…




This photo was just taken this year on Memorial Day weekend. I LOVE their big smiles!!!!


We are so blessed with Norah and Noelle. Love you girls so much. Its amazing to think 10 years ago where we were and where we are now….”blessed” is the only way to describe it.